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As the smoke rises.. a heavy drumbeat can be heard.. joined by a thundrous bass.. then the moan of a guitar.. finally the stage comes to life with powerful vocals.. and you know, you are in for the show of your life with a group called......Faded At Four.

With a passion for music that carries us through every show, we can be found rocking the crowd with our music throughout California. Dance floors are never empty at our shows because we bring the music and our devoted fans travel hundreds of miles to join us in rocking the house. Weather we are playing to the crowds high above the dancefloor at Molly Brennan's or rocking larger venues such as the Avalon in Hollywood, we come with one goal in mind, to give everyone in attendance a taste of Faded and leave them wanting for more.

With every performance, we seek to have our listeners not only hear our song but take away a sense of who we are and what we stand for. We are a culture, a way of life.. we are Faded At Four!